5 Ways to Make your Home Look more Cosy

1. Take a walk in the park near your home, pick branches ,trees such as walnut, willow or plants such as magnolia have great branches. You can dry them for a few days in the sun and then they can be used in the home for decoration in big vases.
Also, this is a clever idea to decorate your vases because, I know, it’s not easy to have fresh flowers in the house every day !!!

2. Use decorative objects in your home in colors that you see around when you admire the natural landscape, colors like brown and green.

3. Add indoor plants to your home , a very simple solution is succulent plants which are beautiful and resistant. You can find them in several tones of green.

4. Use materials with a natural look like ribbons, ropes, wreaths from dried flowers and branches.

5. Use your items differently!!! For example, make your pouf a side table for decoration or a basket instead of using it as storage basket decorate it and leave it there without use, only to look beautiful!